Training Programs

In addition to its clinical mission, the SDRC has active educational and research programs. The center hosts a robust sleep disorders fellowship and trainees from all medical specialties and nationally recognized experts in sleep medicine. In addition, enrollment in clinical trials is ongoing.

A-STEP provides participants with standardized education and training that develops a knowledge-base sleep medicine and the professional skills required for a sleep technologist.  As a staff member at a sleep facility, a sleep technologist administers sleep tests to patients and offers therapeutic services.  The sleep technologist also assists the sleep physician with patient care and training.

The SDRC for Sleep Sciences and Medicine has earned ten-year accreditation as an A-STEP Provider, and the Introductory Course has met the standards of accreditation designated by the Ministry of Health. The accreditation process involved a detailed evaluation of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences for Sleep Sciences and Medicine’s programs including curriculum, resources, and assessment.  

Individuals interested in receiving formalized education and training in sleep technology by enrolling as an A-STEP participant at the SDRC can email Habibolah Khazaie ( or call (+98) 83-3826-5255.